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Zarin Television was created with the intent to provide quality educational programming. It is the mission of Zarin TV to provide an arena where Afghan culture can be preserved for generations to come. Zarin TV is a strong advocate on social, economic, and political issues that impact the Afghan population residing within the homeland and those who have been displaced around the world.

Conviction: Zarin TV strongly values that our programs treat complex social issues with integrity and compassion. We want our viewers to trust that they can rely on us to provide accurate information from experts around the world. We are aware of the significance of television and other media platforms as educational resources, and we believe our audience will benefit from our dedication to spreading awareness, exposing truths, and creating a voice for those who are kept silent.

Union: We will present quality, involving television content that engages viewers personally and socially. Being accessible and relevant is the key factor in cultivating a relationship with our viewers. It is our hope to create a global community that promotes and values diversity and acceptance. Community involvement: In order to achieve our goals, we propose that the Afghan community as a whole be involved in bringing about our mission. Zarin TV will make every effort to deliver media content that encourages Afghans to actively promote change on the individual, family, local, and global levels.


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Noor Wodjouatt, (Founder)


Noor was born in the city of Kabul, the son of Professor Nassir Ahmad Khan Wodjouatt, one of Afghanistan's most prestigious physicians. From an early age, he was surrounded by music and poetry, and for this reason he developed a love for the arts.


He moved to France in 1980 to pursue an education in contemporary art, and worked at the International Center of Contemporary Art in Lyon. In 1990 he moved to the United States, where he participated in collective art exhibitions at the Washington Project for the Arts in 1992.

In the year 2004, Noor founded the Noor Wodjouatt Ensemble with a mission to bring about a musical-cultural merger of the East and the West; for this reason, the ensemble has performed in various academic settings as well as at formal fundraisers. Noor was the first Afghan performer to play at the Kennedy Center. He has also performed at the State Department; in a concert at the Richmond Forum for Greg Mortenson, the author of Three Cups of Tea; at the Meridian International Center, the Embassy of India, and Seton Hall University; on National Public Radio; and at Syracuse University performing music for the well known book The Kite Runner. In addition in 2011, Noor also authored a book titled "The fundamentals of Hindustani Music: A Journey of the colorful Ragas."


Noor’s dedication to the arts has led him to become the creative mind behind Zarin Television. The mission of Zarin TV is to provide an arena where Afghan culture and group cohesiveness can be preserved.


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Mahmood Waseeq, (TV Host)

Mahmood Waseeq, is a religious television show host for the past 10 years. For the last five years he has been holding a show titled: Understanding Islam within the Light of the Qur'an on Zarin Television.  Mr. Waseeq promotes religious freedom, religious tolerance and freedom of speech via the perspective of the Qur'an.  To exemplify religious tolerance, Mr. Waseeq often invites guests from other faiths on to his segment. The intention behind his show and over 10 years of community service is to enlighten viewers and to enrich the community with Islamic values that are expressed in the Qur’an.  Mr. Waseeq holds a Master Degree in Agriculture from American University of Bruit and speaks fluent Arabic, English and Farsi.


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Mitra Golriz MS, (TV Host)


Mitra has a Bachelor degree in Human Services and obtained a Master of Science, in Marriage and Family and Child Therapy from University of Phoenix in Southern California. She is a registered Marriage and Family Therapist Intern # 67125 who has an extensive background working with culturally diverse population. Mitra is culturally sensitive, is fluent in Farsi, Turkish, Italian, and English, and offers a highly personalized approach to meet her client’s individual needs.

Mitra Golriz’s practice is based on collaboration and active involvement with her clients helping them find their inner-strengths and self-esteem. To achieve this goal, she teaches and provides communication tools, conflict resolution skills, and self-awareness tools.

Mitra is a member of CAMFT (California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists), ICEEFT (International Center for Excellence in Emotionally Focus Therapy foe couples), and have experience working with children, adolescent, and older adults since 1996 working as a behavior intervention trainer in Washington state/Issaquah school district. Later after relocating to California in 2000, She worked for Placentia School District and Placentia Library District, serving the undeserved population. As an intern, She also practiced in Mariposa Woman and Family Center providing counseling and support groups to couples, families, and individuals with different areas of concerns.


Mitra’s internship in Salvation Army Adult Rehabilitation Center provided her with experience working with addicted population providing individual counseling, attending training and workshops on relapse prevention, and leading process groups.


Currently, Mitra provides individualized and affordable counseling in “From Chrysalis to Wings”, a non-profit psychotherapy and research center in South Orange County.

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Taymor Shah Kamrany MBA, (TV Host)

Taymor was born in Kabul Afghanistan and moved to Los Angeles, CA when he was 10 years old.  From an early age, Taymor began working with local youth as a volunteer and mentor at local elementary after school programs.  As a result of his exemplary work and dedication to the local community over the years, Taymor was bestowed with an award from the County of Los Angeles Board of Supervisors.


Taymor is a big advocate of education and would like to continue to mentor tomorrow’s leaders through Zarin TV.  He plans to bring guest speakers and experts in various fields to guide the youth with their education, career, family and everyday issues.


In his professional life, Taymor has become a seasoned business development professional with over 15 years of proven leadership and management accomplishments in both domestic and international sectors.  Currently, he resides in Orange County, CA and is a manager in strategy and businesses development and Program Manager of Business Development Leadership Development Program for a Fortune 100 company.


Taymor was previously advisor to the Minister of Finance of Afghanistan where he played a leading role in the capacity building of the locals as well as the creation & implementation of a computerized reporting system for the Treasury. His focus was on the central region of the country encompassing a total of eight provinces.


Taymor Shah Kamrany is a graduate of the University of Southern California Marshall School of Business International MBA Program.  He also received his Bachelor of Arts Degree in Economics from the University of California, Berkeley.


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Hamid Naweed MA, (TV Host)


Hamid received Master’s degree from State University of New York at Buffalo in Arts & Humanities. He was a Professor of Art History, Aesthetics & Color Theory at Kabul University.


Currently he gives scholarly presentations in different academic institutions and universities as a guest lecturer.


He is the author of numerous scholarly articles on various schools of art from classical Greek to post impressionism written in Dari and English, but his specialty is in the Art History of Afghanistan and its neighboring countries. Hamid Naweed is also a Poet and a Novelist.


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Dr. Hamish Darwish PHD, (TV Host)


Doctor G. D. Hamish Darwish received his baccalaureate from Lycee Esteqlal Kabul(Franco-Afghan High School)and his MD, Master in General Medicine(Kabul University), specializing in Psychiatry.


Dr. Darwish continued his schooling in England where he worked on his Clinical Attachment in Adult psychiatry in London and received a Doctorate in Clinical Hypnosis from Institute of Clinical Hypnosis. At present, he resides in England is an active member of the London Institute of Clinical Hypnosis, Association of Afghan healthcare professionals, and Afghan Academy International.



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Haroon Yousofi, (TV Host)


Haroon Yousofi is a satirist whose principal target is the corruption of high ranking officials in a tyranny; those who exercise power over people who have no rights and no way of challenging the legitimacy of the given hierarchy.


Haroon Yousofi was born into a Kabul intellectual family in 1950. He had a literary education, studying Persian Literature at Kabul University, then Russian Literature in Moscow University.  From 1976-1990 he taught Western Literature at Kabul University and translated more than a hundred Russian short stories into his language, Farsi.


Plays he translated from Russian were staged in Kabul. As a distinguished literary scholar, he advised Kabul Radio on their arts output, and then was put in charge of “arts and literature” programs. He held this post for six years until he was promoted head of Afghanistan Television.


Haroon Yousofi published three collections of poems. Then, in recent years he turned his attention increasingly to satire, a difficult thing to do in the political conditions prevailing in Afghanistan under the communist regime.


He belonged to the Independent Association of Afghani Writers, which published his two books of satire, The Testimony of Mirza Sadaf and I Forbid... This organization is not “underground” but is viewed with hostility by the government and its publications are often banned or heavily censored.


Haroon’s response to the censorship was to subtitles. He refused to allow censored writing to be published in mutilated form.  He would rather not publish at all.  Instead he took refuge in metaphor and wrote seemingly innocent stories which only revealed their deep politician outrage as an after-flavour savoured by the penetrating reader.


The story called In the Shop, for example, describes a deceptively ordinary situation: an angry shopkeeper and a crowd of people who happen to be in the shop.  Its true subject, under the code, is terror.  Encapsulated in this brief fable is a nightmarish world in which the individual (Mr Rahim, in this case) effaces himself, living in fear of being picked out if he has any distinguishing feature.  But he never knows what is and what is not a distinguishing feature, and what he thought was safe can suddenly and surreally be transformed into the sign for guilt.


Haroon Yousofi says, “I write because I need to express my outrage against the injustices I see around me.  Some of these injustices appear ludicrous and ridiculous to me and make me laugh. I always know, however, that there is poison in the absurdity.  I feel compelled to write about this absurdity and about this poison. Satire is my weapon, and it is the means by which I playe a role in the struggle of my country”


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Raihana Niazi (TV Host)


Raihana Niazi was brought up in Europe where she completed her pre-college education and received her Gymnasium diploma from Sulzbach Gymnasium in Frankfurt/Germany.


This diploma is equivalent to the High School diploma here in the US, except in Germany some students go to the higher caliber of schooling called Gymnasium which takes 13 years rather 12 years to graduate. In Germany, she started studying economics and finance; however, her course of studies was interrupted by her migration to the US.

Here in the US, Raihana received her college degree and continued on to study Political Science at the California University of Northridge (CSUN). At CSUN, she received her Bachelor of Art degree and was recognized as the most distinguished graduating senior of the political and social science departments. She received the prestigious Judge Julian Beck Award, the Social Science Dean Award, became a life-time member of the Golden Key Honor Society, and served as the head delegate to the United Nations’ Conference in New York.

After serving in several managerial and leadership positions at the former World Savings Bank, Raihana pursued her life- long dream to receive her Juris Doctorate in law. She received her Juris Doctorate degree from Trinity International Graduate and Law School, where she had enjoyed being the recipient of several academic honors for receiving the highest grades among her peers. She also served as one of the editors of the Trinity Law Review. Her years of academic excellence coupled with migration in several European and South-Asian Countries resulted in her ability to be multi-lingual and communicate both in verbal and written formats in Dari/Farsi, English, German, French, Urdu, and Pashto.
Upon passing the most difficult bar examination in the nation, i.e., California Bar, Raihana started practicing law with several distinguished bankruptcy firms in the South Orange County. Her continued excellent work ethics, dedication, and service earned her the title of Lead Supervising Attorney of some of the top bankruptcy firms in Southern California.

She is admitted to practice law in the Supreme Court of California and the federal courts, and Federal District of California, in the Southern, Central, and Northern Divisions. She is also a member of the National Association of Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys, American Bar Association, and Orange County Bar Association. She serves the disadvantage segments of our society as a volunteer attorney at the Public Law Center, is an active member of the Orange County Bar immigration, commercial banking, bankruptcy, and family law sections. She is the founder of a non-profit organization called Humans for Humanity, which seeks to promote academic excellence and education to disadvantaged people around the world and in Afghanistan.

In 2010, she then embarked on launching her own solo practice as RNK Law Group where she practices Bankruptcy, Immigration, and Family Law. RNK Law Group’s motto is: Service, Integrity, and Excellence, providing clients with utmost professional service, care, and sound representation. The firm views each case as an opportunity to build a long-lasting relationship with its clients and colleagues in the legal industry.


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