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Sending hundreds of ballistic missiles to Russia from Iran

Sending hundreds of ballistic missiles to Russia from Iran

Reuters news agency, citing six informed sources, reported that Iran has sent hundreds of powerful surface-to-surface ballistic missiles to Russia.

This news agency quoted three informed Iranian sources and wrote that the number of these missiles reaches at least 400.

According to the sources, a large number of these missiles are of the Zulfiqar missile type, or the upgraded example of “Fateh-110” short-range ballistic missiles.

Based on the information, these missiles hit targets between 300 and 700 kilometers away.

One of the Iranian sources, on the condition that his identity is not revealed, said that the process of sending these missiles started in early January of this year after the agreement between Moscow and Tehran.

However, another source also confirmed to this news agency without providing details that at least four shipments of missiles have been sent to Moscow and other shipments are expected to be sent in the coming weeks.

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