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Refugee Crisis: WFP and IOM Express Concern as Afghans Return from Pakistan

According to the World Food Program in Afghanistan, thousands of Afghan migrants arrive there every day, leaving behind all they own, including their homes, in Pakistan and arriving at the worst possible time.

According to Hashiwi Lee, the program’s head in Afghanistan, the majority of the returning Afghan refugees are impoverished, arriving in a nation where one-third of them lack access to food and face a bleak future.

In a video aired on the World Food Program’s Afghanistan section’s social media, Mrs. Lee called the current state of affairs in the country tough.

He claims that even though winter is just a few weeks away in Afghanistan, many families are returning from Pakistan at this time, and the nation is dealing with numerous issues as a result of deadly earthquakes, a faltering economy, and climate change.

In order to help almost a million Afghans, the director of the World Food Program in Afghanistan has asked for urgent assistance totaling sixteen million US dollars.

In addition, the International Organization for Migration (IOM) voiced alarm at the same time by releasing a film detailing the predicament of repatriated Afghan migrants and emphasizing their need for food, housing, and medical attention as winter approaches. This establishment He says that children make about 60% of the Afghans who return. The threats that women and members of ethnic minorities may encounter upon returning to Afghanistan have also been highlighted by IOM.