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Afghan Aid Organizations Provide Cash and Food to 1,250 Families

Local Taliban officials in Nangarhar and Herat provinces say that aid organizations have distributed cash and food to 1,250 needy families in those provinces.

Qari Abubakar, the Taliban district governor for Lapur district, said that the TDH organization has distributed 11.85 million Afghani in cash to 750 needy and poor families in the district.

He said that each needy family received 15,800 Afghani.

Meanwhile, officials from the Herat Red Crescent Society say that aid has been distributed to 500 families affected by the earthquake in the Khash district of the province.

The aid is said to include rice, oil, beans, sugar, green tea, blankets, and jumpers.

The aid comes as Afghanistan faces a severe humanitarian crisis following the withdrawal of US and NATO troops in August 2021. The Taliban has been criticized for its handling of the crisis, but the group has said that it is doing its best to help the people.

The aid from TDH and the Herat Red Crescent Society is a welcome relief for the needy families in Nangarhar and Herat provinces. The aid will help to meet their basic needs for food and shelter.