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Afghan Boxer Knocks Out Austrian Champion

An Afghan boxer named Nasir Sadat won a stunning victory over the reigning Austrian champion, David, on Saturday night in Vienna, Austria. Sadat, 25, knocked out David in the first round of their professional bout at the VBC boxing event. Sadat, who has been living in Austria for eight years, has now won 15 professional and amateur boxing matches. He is a rising star in the Austrian boxing scene and has the potential to become a world champion.

In the first round, Sadat immediately went on the offensive, landing a series of punches that sent David reeling. David tried to fight back, but Sadat was too quick and too powerful. In the final seconds of the round, Sadat landed a devastating right hook that knocked David out cold.

The victory was a major upset for David, who was considered the favorite to win the fight. It was also a significant achievement for Sadat, who is the first Afghan boxer to win a professional title in Austria.

Sadat is now looking forward to his next fight, which will be against a top-ranked opponent from another country. He is determined to continue his winning streak and achieve his dream of becoming a world champion.