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Taliban’s Ban on Women’s Voices in Helmand Media Still in Effect

The Afghanistan Journalists Center (AJSC) announced on Sunday that the Taliban’s ban on the broadcast of women’s voices in Helmand media is still in effect five months after it was first imposed.

The AJSC called on the Taliban to “end this discriminatory act that violates the fundamental rights of women and media.”

The AJSC’s statement said that no other province in Afghanistan has seen such a decree.

The statement said that in August of this year, Rashid Helmandi, the head of information and culture in Helmand, banned the broadcast of women’s voices through local media.

The AJSC quoted local sources in Helmand as saying that the ban covers all types of direct and indirect programs with women’s voices, public awareness announcements, and women’s health issues.

The AJSC said that the ban is a violation of women’s rights and freedom of expression.

“This is a clear example of the Taliban’s discriminatory policies against women,” said AJSC Executive Director Najib Sharifi. “The Taliban must immediately lift this ban and allow women to participate fully in public life.” The Taliban has not commented on the ban.