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Thirteen Female Students Poisoned in Farah Province

Local sources in Farah province, Afghanistan, have reported that thirteen female students have been poisoned.

The sources say that the students of the “Lise-e-Niswan” school in the village of “Do Qala” in the Shibkoh district were poisoned.

According to the sources, the girls, who are all between the ages of 6 and 12, were poisoned after drinking water from a well near the school.

This is the second time that students of this school have been poisoned. The first time was on Thursday, October 30.

The poisoned students have been taken to a local hospital.

The Taliban has not commented on the incident.

The poisoning of students in Farah is a serious concern. It is unclear what caused the poisoning, but it is possible that it was intentional. The Taliban has been accused of targeting women and girls in the past.

The poisoning of students in Farah is a reminder of the dangers that women and girls face in Afghanistan under Taliban rule.