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Taliban distributes cash to 4,692 workers in Herat

Local Taliban authorities in Herat have announced the distribution of cash to 4,692 workers in the province.

The Taliban’s Department of Rural Rehabilitation and Development in Herat said that in exchange for the cash-for-work program, 4,692 workers in the Keshen district of the province were paid cash by the United Nations Assistance Mission in Afghanistan (UNAMA).

According to the department, 77 skilled workers were paid 700 Afghanis per day for 1,449 days of work, and 4,615 unskilled workers were paid 400 Afghanis per day for 24,197 days of work.

The recruited workers worked in the areas of road cleaning and graveling, canal and ditch cleaning, bridge construction, and wall construction.

The cash-for-work program is a UN-supported initiative that aims to provide income and employment opportunities for vulnerable people in Afghanistan. The program has been implemented in several provinces of the country, including Herat.

The Taliban authorities in Herat have said that the cash-for-work program is part of their efforts to improve the lives of the people of the province.