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Afghani Currency Value Increases by 19.3% in 2023

Officials at the Afghan Central Bank, under the control of the Taliban, say that the value of the Afghani currency has increased by 19.3% against the US dollar in 2023.

According to a report by the Taliban-controlled Bakhtar News Agency, Ahmad Jawad Sadd, the general director of monetary policy at the Afghan Central Bank, made the announcement at a press conference.

Sadd said that the Afghani has had relatively better stability compared to the currencies of neighboring countries during this time.

Economic experts attribute the increase in the value of the Afghani against the US dollar to the unprecedented inflow of physical dollar packages from donor countries, especially the United States.

However, despite the decline in the value of the dollar against the Afghani, food and non-food prices have not yet decreased significantly.

“The increase in the value of the Afghani is a positive development for the Afghan economy,” said Mohammad Ayub, an economist in Kabul. “However, it is important to note that this increase has not yet been reflected in the prices of goods and services.”

Ayub said that the continued inflow of humanitarian aid and increased trade with neighboring countries will help to further stabilize the value of the Afghani