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Russia warns Japan of ‘grave consequences’ over Patriot missile system

Russia’s Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova warned on Wednesday that Japan’s decision to send Patriot air defense systems to the United States, with the possibility of their eventual transfer to Ukraine, would have “very serious consequences” for bilateral relations.

Zakharova said that Russia views the move as hostile.

Japan announced on December 1 that it would send the Patriot missile system to the United States. The Japanese government has not officially announced that the system will be transferred to Ukraine, but the Russian Foreign Ministry believes that the United States will provide it to Ukraine.

“By doing this, Japan loses control over the system, and the United States can do whatever it wants with it,” Zakharova said. “It is in no way possible to rule out that this weapon will end up in the hands of Ukraine.”

The warning from Russia comes as tensions between the two countries have been rising over the war in Ukraine. Japan has joined its Western allies in imposing sanctions on Russia, and it has also provided humanitarian aid to Ukraine.

The Japanese government has not yet responded to Russia’s warning.

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