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Heart Literary Association Requires Building Repairs and Equipment for Tika

Officials from the Herat Literary Association have announced that the association’s building has been repaired and equipped with new equipment thanks to a grant from the Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TİKA) in the province.

Mohammad Dawood Manir, the head of the Herat Literary Association, said that the association’s building was repaired and the necessary equipment was provided by TİKA.

On the other hand, Erfat Deniz, the head of the TİKA office in Herat, said that in addition to repairing the building of the Herat Literary Association, the association was also provided with equipment including computers, printers, desks, chairs, carpets, curtains, and other necessary materials.

Manir said that the repairs and equipment will help the association to continue its activities and promote literature and culture in Herat.

Deniz said that TİKA is committed to supporting cultural and educational initiatives in Afghanistan.