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Azerbaijan to Reopen Embassy in Afghanistan

Azerbaijan is planning to reopen its embassy in Afghanistan in the new year, according to a report by the news agency Report.

The report, which cited the Azerbaijani Foreign Ministry, said that the embassy would reopen “very soon,” but did not provide a specific date.

Azerbaijan is one of several countries that have not yet recognized the Taliban government in Afghanistan. However, the country has taken steps to normalize relations with the Taliban, including accepting Taliban diplomats at its embassy in Kabul.

In a related development, the Kazakh Foreign Ministry announced on Friday that its Security Council had decided to remove the Taliban from its list of terrorist organizations.

The decision is a significant shift in Kazakhstan’s policy towards the Taliban, which has been in control of Afghanistan since August 2021.

It is unclear what impact the decisions by Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan will have on other countries’ policies towards the Taliban. However, they are a sign that the Taliban is making progress in its efforts to gain international acceptance.

The decision to reopen the Azerbaijani embassy in Afghanistan is a sign of the country’s willingness to engage with the Taliban. The embassy will provide a channel for communication between the two countries and can help to promote cooperation on issues of mutual interest.