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Taliban Authorities in Herat Provide Medical Equipment to Maternity Hospital

Local Taliban authorities in Herat province have announced that they have provided medical equipment to the Maternity Hospital in the province.

The Taliban’s Health Directorate in Herat said that a shipment of medical equipment was provided to the Maternity Hospital in Herat by the JIPAGO office in the presence of Ghulam Mohammad Hanif, the deputy director of health for the province The equipment provided included patient beds, delivery tables, suction machines, bases, serums, cabinets, office chairs, blood pressure monitors, and stethoscopes. The equipment is valued at more than one million Afghanis.

Hanif said that the provision of medical equipment will help to improve the quality of care at the Maternity Hospital. He also thanked the JIPAGO office for their support.

The JIPAGO office is a non-profit organization that provides humanitarian assistance to Afghanistan. The office has provided medical equipment and other assistance to a number of hospitals and clinics in Afghanistan. The provision of medical equipment to the Maternity Hospital in Herat is a welcome development. It is important to ensure that women and children have access to quality healthcare, especially in Afghanistan, where there are still many challenges