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Police in Germany arrest three people over plot to attack Cologne cathedral

Police in Germany have arrested three people on suspicion of planning an attack on Cologne cathedral on New Year’s Eve The suspects, all of whom are German citizens, were arrested in the city of Cologne on Tuesday. Police said that the suspects were planning to use a vehicle to carry out the attack.

Investigators said that the suspects had been under surveillance for several months and that they had been planning the attack for some time.

The arrests come amid a growing threat of terrorism in Europe. In recent days, several people have been arrested in Germany, France, and Austria on suspicion of planning terrorist attacks.

In the wake of the attacks in Paris in November 2015, European governments have increased security measures and stepped up anti-terrorism operations. The arrest of the three suspects in Cologne is a reminder of the ongoing threat of terrorism in Europe. It is important for governments to continue to take steps to protect their citizens from attack.

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