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Taliban’s Ministry of Information and Culture hosts two-day workshop for pro-Taliban poets and singers

The Taliban’s Ministry of Information and Culture hosted a two-day workshop for pro-Taliban poets and singers on Monday.

Amir Khan Muttaqi, the group’s foreign minister, addressed the workshop and urged the participants to “work for the system and the country and keep the people’s morale high.”

According to state television, Muttaqi described the poets and singers as “spokespersons for the system and interpreters of the Taliban’s politics.”

Taliban songs are primarily in Pashto, with singers using computer software such as Auto-Tune to change their voices and singing in praise of the Taliban and religious themes such as martyrdom and the deaths of their comrades without using music.

The workshop is seen as an attempt by the Taliban to use music and poetry to promote its ideology and gain support among the Afghan people.

The Taliban has been trying to consolidate its power in Afghanistan since it took control of the country in August 2021. The group has faced a number of challenges, including an ongoing insurgency by the Islamic State group, a humanitarian crisis, and a lack of international recognition.

The Taliban’s use of music and poetry is a new tactic in its efforts to win over the Afghan people. The group is hoping that by appealing to the Afghan people’s love of music and poetry, it can gain their support and legitimacy. It remains to be seen whether the Taliban’s efforts will be successful. However, the workshop is a sign that the group is willing to use new methods to achieve its goals.