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Taliban Official Arrested in Balkh on Corruption Charges

Local sources in Balkh province say that Mufti Nasir Ahmad Abu Khalid, head of the Taliban’s Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs in Balkh, has been arrested by the group’s intelligence agency.

According to the sources, the Taliban intelligence agency arrested him on charges of corruption.

Mufti Nasir Ahmad is an Uzbek Taliban and a resident of the Sholghara district of Balkh province.

Local Taliban officials in Balkh have not yet commented on the matter.

This comes as a number of Taliban officials have been arrested on various charges by the group’s forces in the past.

The arrest of Mufti Nasir Ahmad is a sign that the Taliban is cracking down on corruption within its ranks. The group has promised to fight corruption, but it has faced accusations of corruption itself.

The Taliban has not yet commented on the arrest.