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NATO Countries Agree to Buy Over 1,000 Patriot Missiles

NATO announced that several member countries of the military alliance, including Germany, Poland, Romania, and Spain, have agreed to a contract to purchase over 1,000 Patriot air defense missiles.

According to sources, the value of the contract is estimated to be around $5.5 billion.

Patriot missiles, which are made by the United States, are used to defend against cruise missiles, ballistic missiles, and enemy aircraft.

NATO’s Support and Procurement Agency said that the purchase of the missiles will help NATO member countries in Europe to provide Ukraine with more air defense systems.

The announcement comes as Russia continues its military offensive in Ukraine. Ukraine has been calling for more military assistance from NATO, including air defense systems.

The Patriot missiles are expected to be delivered to NATO member countries in Europe in 2025. The purchase of the Patriot missiles is a significant step by NATO to strengthen its air defense capabilities in Europe. It is also a sign of NATO’s commitment to supporting Ukraine in its defense against Russia