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Taliban Begins Disarmament of Badakhshan Commanders

Local sources in Badakhshan province say that the Taliban has begun a disarmament campaign of commanders and fighters from the province.

The sources say that the campaign was ordered by Mullah Hibatullah Akhundzada, the leader of the Taliban, and is being led by Mohammad Ayoub Khalid, the Taliban’s governor of Badakhshan.

Ayoub Khalid has reportedly ordered the intelligence chief, the commander of the Amina district, and the commander of the Omar III brigade in Badakhshan to begin the disarmament campaign immediately. The campaign is reportedly being carried out in all districts of Badakhshan, including the provincial capital, Fayzabad.

The sources say that Khalid has also sent a letter to all district governors in Badakhshan, warning them that anyone who disobeys the order will be “dealt with severely.”

The disarmament campaign is seen as an attempt by the Taliban to consolidate its control over Badakhshan. The province is home to a large number of Tajiks, who are often seen as being opposed to the Taliban.

The campaign has also been met with some resistance from local commanders. Fazlullah Safi, the commander of the Fayzabad district, has reportedly refused to comply with the order.

It remains to be seen how the Taliban will be able to enforce the disarmament campaign in Badakhshan. The province is a mountainous and remote region, and it is possible that some commanders will be able to evade the Taliban’s efforts