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Afghan singer Farhad Darya builds 37 emergency shelters for earthquake victims in Herat

Farhad Darya, a well-known Afghan singer, has announced that his project to build 37 emergency shelters for earthquake victims in Herat has been completed.

The shelters, which measure 10 square meters, were built in the village of Sangjab Wardaks in northwestern Herat.

Darya said that the shelters were designed by an Afghan engineer using the “abr-e-khesht” method, which is a traditional Afghan building technique that uses mud bricks and straw.

“Despite their simple and humble appearance, these shelters have very high resistance to earthquakes and heat,” Darya said. “In the difficult conditions of northwestern Herat, where earthquakes are a constant threat, these houses are the best option for thousands of people who are threatened by the freezing winter.”

Darya explained that this innovative design has proven successful in countries such as Chile, Nepal, Turkey, Iran, and several other earthquake-prone countries.

The shelters were built with the help of donations from Darya’s fans and other Afghans. Darya said that he is committed to continuing his efforts to help the people of Afghanistan who have been affected by the earthquake.

“I will not rest until every Afghan who has lost their homes has a safe and comfortable place to live,” Darya said.