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Iran: One of the suicide bombers in Kerman was a Tajik citizen, identity of the second bomber is not yet clear

The Iranian Intelligence Ministry announced on Saturday that one of the suicide bombers in Kerman was a Tajik citizen, and the identity of the second bomber has not yet been confirmed.

The ministry said that 11 people have been arrested as part of a “support network for the terrorist team” in the aftermath of the two explosions in Kerman.

On Wednesday, two explosions occurred during the fourth anniversary ceremony of the killing of Qasem Soleimani in Kerman, killing at least 89 people and injuring 284.

ISIS has claimed responsibility for the explosions.

The ISIS statement said that two suicide bombers from the group named “Omar al-Mouwahhid” and “Saifullah al-Mujahid” detonated their explosive belts in the middle of the crowd.

The ministry’s announcement is consistent with the ISIS statement, which claimed that one of the bombers was a Tajik citizen. However, the ministry’s statement did not provide any further details about the identity of the second bomber.

The arrests of 11 people are also a significant development. The ministry said that the suspects were part of a “support network” for the terrorist team, which suggests that they were involved in planning or carrying out the attacks.

The attacks in Kerman have been condemned by the international community. The United Nations Security Council condemned the attacks in a statement, calling them “heinous acts of terrorism.”