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Teenager in Turkey Sets Fire to Home, Killing 12-Year-Old Sister

Manisa, Turkey – A 16-year-old Afghan teenager in the Turkish city of Manisa set fire to his home after a verbal argument with his father, killing his 12-year-old sister and injuring three other family members, according to Turkish media reports Local media in Manisa reported that after the verbal argument between the father and son, the teenager doused his sister’s room with gasoline and set it on fire.

Turkish media reported that medical teams rushed the young girl and three others to the hospital, but despite all medical interventions, the girl died.

According to reports, the suspect and his mother and father initially hid how the incident occurred, and after an investigation, it was determined that the fire was the work of their 16-year-old son.

Turkish police investigations into the matter are ongoing, and no explanation has yet been given for the motive of the argument between father and son.

This is a tragic incident, and our thoughts are with the family of the victim. We hope that the police investigation will be thorough and that justice will be served.