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Hundreds of Hazaras in Uruzgan Forced to Pay 30 Million Afghanis to Nomads

Local sources in Uruzgan province have reported that hundreds of Hazaras in the Gizab district of the province have been forced to pay 30 million Afghanis (about $250,000) to nomads.

The sources say that the Taliban, in a ruling, have ordered the residents of the Qandar area of the Gizab district to pay the nomads the money in exchange for using their land. The sources say that the nomads claimed that the land belonged to them, and the Taliban gave the residents of Qandar seven months to pay the money.

The ruling has been met with anger and frustration from the Hazara community. They say that the land belongs to them and that they should not have to pay the nomads anything. They also say that the Taliban’s ruling is discriminatory and that it is targeting the Hazara community.

The Taliban have not yet commented on the ruling.

The incident is the latest in a series of cases of discrimination against the Hazara community in Afghanistan. The Hazara are a minority ethnic group that has been persecuted for centuries. They have been the target of violence by the Taliban, the Islamic State, and other groups.

The Hazara community is calling on the international community to pressure the Taliban to reverse the ruling. They say that the ruling is a violation of their rights and that it is a threat to their security.

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