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Increasing passport distribution centers in Kabul

Officials of the General Directorate of Passports under Taliban administration said in an interview with National Television that in the near future, two passport distribution centers will be established in the Kabul area. According to Hedayatullah Hedayat, the deputy of Afghan National Television under the Taliban administration, the passport office will facilitate the issuance of passports with the opening of these two centers. According to them, the work on this plan is going on and it will be finalized soon. This source, quoting Noorullah Patman, wrote that this center will start operating after the completion of the plan, the appointment of new employees and the provision of technical equipment. According to the officials of the Passport Department, up to 8,000 passport covers are issued to applicants per day.Bismillah Yavari, a social activist, told Events News: The development of passport distribution should be done not only in Kabul but also in the big cities of Afghanistan. He points out that the passport is one of the inalienable rights of the people and the government should provide convenience.Habibullah, one of the passport applicants, wants to reduce the rate and ease the process of documents needed to get a passport. He says that people are wandering a lot at the moment and birthday cards have also been added.This is while the longest queue is formed behind the gate of the General Directorate of Passport in Afghanistan. The reason people turn to passports is the lack of work opportunities in the country and the lack of education opportunities for girls above sixth grade.

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