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Islamabad’s agreement to resolve tensions with Tehran; The Prime Minister of Pakistan’s emphasis on the necessity of “returning relations to the situation before the recent tension“

Following the increase in tension between Islamabad and Tehran, Pakistan’s National Security Committee will hold a meeting chaired by Anwar Haq Kakar, the country’s interim prime minister. Pakistan’s senior military and civilian officials are supposed to make decisions about the tension with Iran. The meeting of this senior committee is held when there is a serious concern about the threat to the internal or external security of this country. The governments of the two countries are under pressure to prevent the escalation of tension.There is hope that both sides, who are traditionally allies and have friendly relations, will find a diplomatic solution to the existing tension.Rocket attacks were carried out by Pakistan on Thursday morning on Iranian soil, in response to a similar attack by Iran on Baluchistan province on Tuesday.Both sides announced that they targeted the terrorists’ shelter.Tehran, which has condemned Pakistan’s attacks, has not taken military action against it.The United Nations and several countries in the region have called on both sides to exercise restraint.The United States of America has also announced that it does not want to escalate the tension between Iran and Pakistan.The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia has called for the restraint of at most two countries and resolving disputes through diplomacy. China has also said that it is willing to mediate between Tehran and Islamabad.Pakistani authorities have announced that the border between the two countries is open.​