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The biggest revolution in the mobile phone production industry!

The biggest revolution in the mobile phone production industry!

Samsung company launched its latest product Galaxy S24 Ultra. It is said that with the launch of this phone, the biggest revolution in the mobile phone production industry has taken place and it has achieved one of the strongest, most beautiful and smartest mobile phones in the world!

This phone, which works with the Android system, also benefits from new features called AI and has options that surprise people. One of its dozens of options is that when the owner of the phone “chats” and calls with others, he can translate what the owner of the phone has to say in 12 different languages at the same time and deliver it to the other side! Another interesting option of this phone is that it can make any kind of changes and edits in photos and videos. For example, you have taken a photo or a film in which some objects and objects are seen and do not look good, you can simply delete it.

Another interesting option is that: whenever you click or press on any of the objects and objects in photos or movies on the Internet, it collects information about the same object and object for you. For example, on a photo of a woman holding a beautiful handkerchief, if you draw a line or circle around it with the pen that she has with her phone, it will connect you to the same shop where these handkerchiefs are sold! All the options mentioned above, although the initiatives are not completely new and new and already existed in special programs such as “Photoshop”, but they had a cost and had to be purchased and at the same time the work was a bit complicated, but with the AI system in S24 phones, these operations are done easily!

It is surprising that this phone, which was unveiled last week, will be offered to its fans in Europe, including in Denmark, from today (January 26), it is one of the miracles of the world of smart devices, including in the world of mobile phones Having such a device, you actually have access to a computer that is almost versatile and it is a device that keeps its owner busy all the time!

This phone comes with three memory capacities of 125, 512 and 1TB (one thousand GB) in four different colors and its price varies according to the amount of memory. For example, with a 1TB memory, it comes to approximately $1,300