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NASA’s new plan to generate electricity on the moon

The American space agency, NASA, announced that it is working on the design of a small nuclear reactor to generate electricity on the surface of the moon.

This action is done in line with the efforts of the Artemis program to return humans to the moon and establish human bases there.

NASA has completed the first phase of the Fission Surface Power project, which it started in 2022.

At this stage, contracts have been signed with partners to develop the design of the reactors.

NASA plans to design a reactor that can power human bases on the moon for at least a decade. This plan will then be used for the planet Mars.

NASA wants these reactors to be able to operate without human intervention for at least a decade.

The weight of each nuclear reactor should not be more than 6 tons and its production power should not be 40 kilowatts, which is enough to supply electricity to 33 houses on earth.