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The letter of exiled Afghan journalists to the United Nations

The letter of exiled Afghan journalists to the United Nations

Afghan journalists who have been forced to flee their homeland, in a scathing letter to the United Nations, have identified the intelligence of the Taliban as the “biggest enemy of free media” in Afghanistan.

This letter was published at the same time as the National Journalists’ Day of Afghanistan, and in it, the groups supporting the freedom of the press express their serious concerns about the deterioration of the media situation in the country under the rule of the Taliban.

Exiled journalists asked the United Nations to sanction Taliban officials and affiliated institutions for violating freedom of expression in Afghanistan.

In this letter, Richard Bennett, the UN Special Rapporteur on Afghanistan Affairs, is also asked to prepare a report on the current situation of the media and freedom of expression, and specifically address the role of the Taliban’s intelligence in suppressing the freedom of the media.Guarantee the release of journalists imprisoned by the Taliban.

Meanwhile, in its latest report, the Center of Afghan Journalists announced a significant decrease in media freedom and widespread violations of journalists’ rights during 2023.