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America’s support to Pakistan in the fight against terrorism;

America’s support to Pakistan in the fight against terrorism;

The tension between Afghanistan and Pakistan has increased following the recent airstrikes of the Pakistani army on Afghan soil.

While the Taliban are reporting that civilians have been killed in these attacks, the United States has announced that it is still committed to cooperating with Islamabad in dealing with terrorist groups.

On Monday, March 18, the fighter jets of the Pakistani army targeted areas in Paktika and Khost provinces of Afghanistan. According to Taliban reports, at least eight civilians, including five women and three children, have died in these attacks. In response to these attacks, the Taliban targeted Pakistan’s military positions along the common border.

US State Department spokesman Matthew Miller announced in a press conference on Monday, March 18 that Washington is still committed to cooperating with Pakistan in the fight against terrorist groups in the region.

He emphasized that the United States is always in contact with the Pakistani authorities and cooperates with them through bilateral negotiations and dialogue on the fight against terrorism in Afghanistan.

The spokesperson of the US State Department also asked the Taliban to fight with the members of Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan who are present in Afghanistan.

Pakistan’s airstrikes and the Taliban’s retaliatory response have raised concerns about increasing tension in the relations between these two neighboring countries and jeopardizing the fragile peace process in Afghanistan. Analysts believe that the continuation of these conflicts can have dire consequences for the security of the region.