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Numerous arrests and ransom demands by local Taliban commanders

Numerous arrests and ransom demands by local Taliban commanders

In Andrab Baghlan district, there have been reports of repeated arrests by Qari Qadir, the director of Taliban intelligence in Deh Salah.

These arrests include a 26-year-old young man named Seyed Khalil from Sangbaran village who was arrested five days ago and his family was pressured by the Taliban to pay money or weapons for his release.

Local sources claim that Khalil, who was active in peasant work, was detained without any valid reason. This is while the villagers emphasize that he had no connection with armed groups.Reports also show that Qari Qadir regularly arrests people in various areas, including Darehjar, Kasetarash, and Qasan, and demands ransom for their release.

These actions have created concerns among the local community.

Arbitrary arrests and blackmailing of citizens by Taliban commanders is not a problem that is limited only to this region. There are similar reports from Kabul and other northern provinces of the country, which indicate an increase in the arrests of former government soldiers and civilians by this group. This process has created deep concerns about the human rights and security situation in Afghanistan.