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Global condemnation of the ban on girls’ education by the Taliban

Global condemnation of the ban on girls’ education by the Taliban

The Dutch Embassy in Afghanistan has announced that the ban on girls and women’s education by the Taliban has terrible consequences for them.

The embassy wrote in a message on the X page on Thursday that the beginning of the new school year was a “black day” for more than a million Afghan girls and women. This is the third year that girls and women are denied education.

The German Foreign Ministry has also asked the Taliban to open the gates of schools for girls.

The human rights organization known as “Faridam No” called the Taliban’s ban on girls’ education “shameful” and asked them to return this policy and all rulings against women.

On the other hand, the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) has announced that 1.4 million female students above the sixth grade in Afghanistan are deprived of the right to education.

This organization added that depriving girls causes serious damage to their soul and spirit and hinders the development of Afghanistan.With the Taliban coming to power, the situation of women and girls in Afghanistan has become a big challenge.

The Taliban’s decisions to ban girls’ education and restrict women’s rights, including banning women from working in many fields, affect wider dimensions of society.

These decisions lead to increasing gender inequality, weakening women’s participation in social affairs and economic opportunities, and wasting the future of women and girls in society.