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ISIS’s new threat to attack foreign embassies in Kabul

ISIS’s new threat to attack foreign embassies in Kabul

Reports from the New York Times indicate that after the Khorasan ISIS attacks on the “Moscow Concert Hall”, this group has now threatened to attack the embassies of China, India and Iran in Afghanistan.

According to this report, together with these attacks, ISIS in Khorasan has also published a wave of anti-Russian propaganda and expressed its protest against the Kremlin’s interventions in Syria.

Before this, ISIS Khorasan had also taken responsibility for the attack on the “New Cable Bank” in Kandahar, in which dozens of people were killed and injured.

This report indicates that the attacks on the Russian embassy in Kabul, the Pakistani embassy and a hotel where many Chinese citizens were staying were also carried out by ISIS in Khorasan.

Russian President Vladimir Putin did not mention ISIS in a speech after these attacks and instead expressed his criticism towards Ukraine and announced that 11 Russian officials, four of whom are suspected of these attacks. have been arrested from the border of Ukraine.

Meanwhile, the media have claimed from Taliban intelligence officials that the attack in Kandahar was carried out by two members of ISIS Khorasan, including a citizen of Tajikistan.