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European farmers’ protests continue

European farmers’ protests continue

European farmers are increasingly disillusioned with the EU’s agricultural policies and their protests have increased.

In an effort to support Ukraine, the European Union has stopped imposing tariffs on agricultural products imported from this war-torn country.

This has caused many European farmers to face problems to continue their work due to the relatively cheap import of agricultural products.

A chicken farm in northern France sells about 10,000 eggs per day. But Olivier Senchal, the owner of the poultry farm, says his business is still facing problems.

Since the start of the war in Ukraine, the cost of electricity has increased by about 50%, and the increase in grain prices has increased the cost of chicken feed by 30%, but his income has halved.

The chicken farm owner also says the EU’s no-tariff policy on egg imports from Ukraine is unfair because it puts his products at risk and their livelihoods at risk.