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Taliban claim to eradicate polio from Afghanistan

Taliban claim to eradicate polio from Afghanistan

In an interview with Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, the Secretary General of the World Health Organization, Abdulsalam Hanafi, the administrative deputy of the Taliban’s Ministry of Defense,

claimed that polio disease or children’s paralysis has disappeared from all parts of Afghanistan with the frequent implementation of vaccination.

He has listed this as one of the achievements of the Taliban government.

Last year, there were six positive cases of polio in Afghanistan, all of which were in Nangarhar province. However, no positive cases of polio have been reported so far in the three months of this year.

In addition, Pakistan is still facing polio. The Secretary General of the World Health Organization has announced that this organization is eager to continue its activities in the health sector of Afghanistan, which requires the cooperation of the Taliban.

Dr. Hanan Balkhi, the regional head of the World Health Organization, in the Arg newsletter, has announced the cooperation of this organization in various sectors, including the strengthening of polio diagnosis laboratories and the provision of training facilities for Afghan doctors.

The Deputy Prime Minister of the Taliban thanked the World Health Organization for its cooperation and asked the officials of this organization to strengthen the health system, install well-equipped laboratories, establish health clinics in remote areas of the country, improve the professional capacity of health specialists and create a well-equipped hospital for treatment.

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