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Continue patrolling drones in Afghanistan

Continue patrolling drones in Afghanistan

Local sources in Badakhshan Province have announced that an unmanned aircraft patrolled the skies of this area.

According to local people, this plane patrolled the sky of Badakhshan for about 40 minutes on Sunday 24th of Hamal at around 12:00 PM.

So far, the name of the country from where this plane entered the airspace of Afghanistan has not been determined.

It should be mentioned that the patrolling of unknown drones in the country’s sky has increased in the last few days.

While it is not officially known which country these planes belong to, but Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid accused the US of violating Afghanistan’s airspace and stated that these planes undoubtedly entered Afghanistan from the US.

Meanwhile, Matthew Miller, the spokesperson of the US State Department, without mentioning the flight of drones, says that Washington is concerned about the threats of ISIS in Afghanistan and the region.

Before this, reports of unmanned aircraft patrolling in Panjshir, Nimroz and Kandahar provinces were published in the media.