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Launch of “Afghanistan Future Foundation” by Masoud Andrabi

Launch of “Afghanistan Future Foundation” by Masoud Andrabi

Masoud Andrabi, the former minister of interior affairs of the country, has announced that he has launched a new foundation called “Afghanistan’s Future Foundation”.

In the explanations provided by Andrabi, it has been announced that this foundation will operate with the aim of creating opportunities for peace and settlement in the country.

In the audio tapes, he refers to General Hebatullah Alizai, the Chief of Staff of the army of the previous government, and quotes his statements. In these statements, Mr.

Alizai claims that people related to the Taliban intend to impose Pashtun culture on the people using necessary methods.

Andrabi has also stated that ethnic prejudice is never acceptable and the future generation of Afghanistan will not tolerate it. He added that all Afghans, regardless of their ethnicity, belong to the honor of the same country.

Separately, reports have also been published about ethnic differences and prejudices in the ranks of the Taliban. The latest case of these disputes is the disarming of an Uzbek commander by members of the Pashtun Taliban in Takhar region.

The Taliban, while claiming to have formed a fair and impartial government, faces criticism that they treat people of different ethnicities, even their own commanders, differently.