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Taliban Foreign Minister met with Iran’s representative in Afghanistan

Taliban Foreign Minister met with Iran’s representative in Afghanistan

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Taliban group has announced that the foreign minister of this group met with Hassan Kazmi Qomi, the ambassador and special representative of the Islamic Republic of Iran in the affairs of Afghanistan.

According to the Deputy Spokesperson of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Taliban will discuss the improvement of bilateral relations and the protection of Iran’s water rights during this meeting.

In this meeting, Kazemi praised the sending of water to Iran from the Helmand River and praised the Taliban’s views on regional developments. On the other hand, representatives of the Taliban also presented acceptable statements regarding the importance of resolving regional issues and the issue of Iran’s water rights.

In this meeting, it was emphasized that the parties have requirements in the field of foreign policy and will seek to improve bilateral relations with each other.

Although the relations between the Islamic Republic of Iran and the Taliban group are still complicated, experts believe that this meeting shows that the two sides have a tendency to resolve issues and improve relations, and it is possible that an agreement will be reached in the near future.