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Horrified UN human rights chief discovers mass graves in Gaza

Horrified UN human rights chief discovers mass graves in Gaza

The head of the United Nations Human Rights has declared that the destruction of Nasir and al-Shafa Hospitals in Gaza and the existence of mass graves containing hundreds of bodies in Gaza are horrific.Ravina Shamdasani, the spokesperson of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, said that the organization has sounded the alarm due to the discovery of many bodies.

He added: “Some of the bodies were buried, of course, this indicates a serious violation of international human rights laws and international humanitarian laws. These cases need further investigation.

“Shamdasani announced that the United Nations Human Rights Office is investigating the reports of the Palestinian authorities about the discovery of 30 bodies in Al-Shafa Hospital. According to these reports, some of the bodies, including women and elderly people, were buried under piles of garbage.

In response to the Palestinian claims, the Israeli army considers these claims “baseless”. The Israeli army has stated that the forces that are looking for the Israeli hostages have examined the bodies that were previously buried by the Palestinians near the Nasser hospital, and after the examination, they will return them to the burial place.