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Israel confirms ground attack in Rafah

Israel confirms ground attack in Rafah

While the intense bombing of areas in northern Gaza, on Wednesday, will end weeks of relative peace in these areas, the government of Israel has announced that it is carrying out an all-out and ground attack on Rafah in the south of this area.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s spokesman said that Israel is advancing its plans for a ground operation in Rafah, but did not provide a timetable for the attack.

Western countries, including the United States, Israel’s closest ally, have asked the country to refrain from attacking Rafah, which is home to more than half of Gaza’s 2,300,000 population.

Jack Sullivan, the National Security Adviser of the White House, said that Washington is still in talks with Israel about Rafah and it is expected that the officials of both countries will soon meet again in face-to-face meetings.

And Nawqt told reporters on Wednesday: “We have had very detailed discussions, not only about our surveillance, but also about the view that there is another way to confront the threat of Hamas in Rafah.

“A senior Israeli defense official, who did not want his name to be revealed, told Reuters that Israel is ready to evacuate civilians before attacking Rafah itself.