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The eighth anniversary of the victory of the Mujahideen

The eighth anniversary of the victory of the Mujahideen

32 years have passed since the eighth day of Thor 1371, the day of Mujahideen’s victory in Afghanistan.In 1371, the Mujahideen ended a historic period of 14 years under the support of the former Soviet Union, which had begun with the coup of the bloody Haft Thor 1357, by overthrowing the government of Dr. Najibullah, the former president of Afghanistan.

After entering Kabul and their victory, the Mujahideen forces elected Sibghatullah Mujadadi as the head of the temporary administration for two months, after which Burhanuddin Rabbani took power, but the continuation of Mr. Rabbani’s government was accompanied by the internal opposition of some jihadist figures and the war.

Internally started in Afghanistan.After seizing power, the Mujahideen soon became involved in organized wars. The war between the Jihadi groups, in addition to the destruction of Kabul and Bakhsh-e-Azam from public facilities in Afghanistan, resulted in the deaths and injuries of tens of thousands of people, and the continued wars displaced millions of Afghans.46 years before today, on the 7th of Thor 1357, the Democratic People’s Party of Afghanistan launched a coup d’état and overthrew the first president of Afghanistan, Mohammad Dawood Khan, who had been in power for 5 years.

A number of Afghan people and experts call this day a positive development, while others consider it the beginning of misfortune for the people of Afghanistan and say that the Afghans are still suffering from the consequences of the coup d’état on 7 Thor 1357.