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There has been no change in the Taliban’s relations with the world.“

There has been no change in the Taliban’s relations with the world.“

The Times of Central Asia said in an article that almost three years after the return of the Taliban to power in Afghanistan, there has been no change in their relations with the world.

Earlier, Zabihullah Mujahid, the spokesperson of the Taliban, in a series of tweets, said that their relations with the countries of the world have improved and many countries have accepted them.

But in this article, The Times of Central Asia said: “The situation is still deadlocked; Because the international community and the Taliban are not compatible on some issues and Afghanistan is still facing a humanitarian crisis.

In this report, it is stated that the Taliban have little opportunity to finally establish a “new model of regional and international security” if they allow them to create the conditions for the return of Afghanistan to the normal system of international relations; But the Taliban must act “quickly”.

The Times of Central Asia has written that the increase in tensions in the Middle East will have a negative impact on the situation around Afghanistan, and in this environment, the Taliban may once again experience a worsening of the undesirable security situation if it is beyond their control.

In the article of this media, it is stated that “maintaining internal security and stability” is still the main problem in Afghanistan today.

Meanwhile, after the visit of the President of Iran to Pakistan, the Presidents of the two countries said in a joint statement that the presence of terrorist organizations in Afghanistan under the control of the Taliban threatens the security of the region and the world.

In this declaration, it was also emphasized that all sections of Afghanistan should play an active role in the development of the affairs of the country.