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Israel’s ‘Electronic Dome’: Fortifying Digital Defenses Against Cyber Threats

Israel’s ‘Electronic Dome’: Fortifying Digital Defenses Against Cyber Threats

In response to the escalating cyber threats, particularly those emanating from Iranian-affiliated hackers, Israel has announced its intention to establish an “electronic dome” as a defensive measure. This initiative aims to fortify the country’s digital defenses and counter the onslaught of cyber-attacks.

Aviram Atzaba, the head of the International Cooperation Division within Israel’s National Cyber Directorate, revealed that since the outbreak of the conflict on October 7, there has been a marked increase in cyber attacks orchestrated by Iran and its regional allies, targeting Israeli interests.

Describing these cyber offensives as a “silent and invisible war,” Atzaba disclosed that Tel Aviv has successfully thwarted 800 major cyber attacks since the onset of the Gaza conflict. While these attacks targeted governmental institutions, military, and civilian infrastructure within Israel, they have thus far failed to inflict significant damage, according to Atzaba’s assessment.

The proposed “electronic dome” represents Israel’s commitment to fortifying its digital defenses and safeguarding its critical systems from the persistent cyber threats posed by adversaries in the region