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“Islamic Republic” Claims Taliban Looting Shia Assets

“Islamic Republic” Claims Taliban Looting Shia Assets

The Islamic Republic newspaper, which is close to the Iranian government, has reacted to the Taliban’s recent efforts to shut down Tamaddon TV and Khatam Al-Nabieen school in Kabul, writing that the Taliban is seeking to “loot the spiritual assets of Shias”.

The Islamic Republic, one of the long-standing newspapers close to Iran’s religious government, wrote on Sunday in response to this Taliban action: “The Taliban’s recent encroachment on the Khatam Al-Nabieen complex and Tamaddon TV network is also being carried out with the aim of looting the spiritual assets of Shias.

“This newspaper suggested that instead of making demands on the Taliban, the people should be brought to the fore as the main owners of these centers.

In recent months, the Taliban has shut down several media outlets and institutions affiliated with political parties, declaring their activities illegal. Organizations defending freedom of expression consider these actions as suppression of the media in Afghanistan.