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About us

Zarin Television was created with the intentions to provide quality educational programming. It is the mission of Zarin Television to provide an arena where the Afghan culture can be preserved for generations to come. Zarin Television is a strong advocate for social, economical and political issues that impact Afghan population residing within the homeland and those who have been displaced around the world.

Conviction: ZarinTV strongly values that our programs treat complex social issues with integrity and compassion. We wish to instill in our viewers a trust that they can rely on us to provide accurate information from experts around the world. We are aware of the significance of television and other media platforms as educational resources and we believe our audience to benefit from our dedication to spreading awareness, and exposing truths and creating a voice for those who are kept silent.

Union: We anticipate to present quality, involving television content that engages the viewers on both personal and social levels. Being accessible and relevant is the key factor in cultivating a relationship with our viewers. It hour hope to create a global community, that promotes and values diversity and acceptance.

Community involvement: In order to achieve our goals, we propose that the Afghan community as a whole to be involved in our aim to bring about our mission. Zarin TV will make every effort to deliver media contents that provides encouragement to be active participants in promoting, change within the individual, the family local and global. 

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