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Saudi Arabia Appoints First Female Ambassador to Spain

Saudi Arabia has appointed Haifa bint Abdulaziz al-Muqrin as its first female ambassador to Spain.

Al-Muqrin was sworn in before King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud on Tuesday. She is a graduate of King Saud University and the University of Syracuse, and has held a number of positions in the Saudi government, including assistant deputy minister for sustainable development and G20 affairs in the Ministry of Economy and Planning.

Al-Muqrin’s appointment is part of a broader effort by Saudi Arabia to empower women. In recent years, the kingdom has appointed women to a number of high-level positions, including ambassador to the United States, Sweden, the European Union, Finland, and Norway.

The appointment of a female ambassador to Spain is seen as a significant step for Saudi Arabia, which is seeking to improve its relations with the West. Spain is a member of the European Union, which is a key economic and political partner for Saudi Arabia. Al-Muqrin is expected to arrive in Madrid in the coming weeks to begin her new duties.